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Magic School Bus Rides Again: Time Zones Add Video

Ok long video with a lot. so will time stamp. Kids invisible (10:20) Mrs Frizzle and girl into eggs and back (10:52), girl into moth and lizard made blue (13:01), invisible kids into moths (14:15), Lizard into dinosaur off screen and everyone back to normal (16:30), boy into snake (16:53), girl into baby (18:08), woman into monkey (18:25), bus into various vehicles (18:47), the three previous people back to normal (20:45), boy into old man (21:24), girl into corn (22:08), girl into elephant then into an elephant trunk (23:17), boy into bird (23:22), girl into dog (24:10), woman into monkey, boy into stone block, woman shrinks, girl into ice cream cone, boy into skunk (24:24),boy in, everyone back to normal off screen, boy into clam, girls into rabbits, boy into moth, boy into tortuse, boy into cloud , girl shrinks, women into penguins (26:35), boy who was clam into rock giant (28:20), then back to normal 29:42)

Posted by Tazz on June 8, 2021 at 11:50 AM 593 Views

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