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Do you have a favorite AR scenario? I like male AR to infancy. I like it nonconsensual. It loses something if the male wants to be regressed. He should lose his power and abilities. I would rather he keep his adult mind but if he loses his mind it needs to be slow and know it is coming. Septomato does this sometimes. Jennifer Loraine was the master. I have only written a few.

One of my favorite videos is the Looney Tunes "Baby bottleneck". Porky Pig and Daffy are helplessly trapped and treated like infants.



Please not any younger... no, I don't want to... goo goo ga ga.

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i like to see mal AR, and the clothes then are oversized. most i like, if the clothes a business-suit or just a shirt.

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I like most types of AR, but my favorite by far is young female AR to infancy. I don't know what it is, but there's something I love about the idea of a young woman or teenage girl being turned into an adorable baby in oversized clothes. For some stranger reason I can't explain, I also like the idea of kids being turned into babies, though that's obviously a much rarer scenario.

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