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I hope someone will happen to find this topic, but oh well... I was browsing through the web when I came across this:

I thought it was just an ordinary hentai doujinshi with Rebecca from One Piece, but the last page of the gallery (Just click on the main image to see the rest) shows her apparently getting shorter. Unfortunately, I found out this was only a preview, which cuts off abruptly before we can figure out whether she's shrinking or getting younger. I can't speak Japanese either, so I had to use online translators to figure out that the actual doujinshi is at least 10 pages long. I don't particularly care for the rest of it, but could anyone who knows Japanese try and find it, to see whether she's really getting younger or not, and if she does, hopefully upload the pages which show her regression? I doubt anyone will even read this topic, but it's still worth a try. Anyway, thanks in advance.

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