TF Theater

 Please Read first!

Dear members (especially Jeff2bya)

 I appreciate you adding videos however most of them were already on the site. If you notice in the video section there is a search bar. You can search to see if any videos are on the site, if they are. Please dont add them. Ill most likely delete them.


Also when posting please put them in the right section (ap, ar, ar/ap, etc). When posting a video you will see it above where you post the link.



Thomas aka Tazz


Welcome to the ravamped version of Age Theate. As you can see I removed the theme of a discussion board and replaced it with a actual site. Now there is a discussion board with some new features. Like RP and non ar/ap talk.


Ive also added links, and pictures. Now at the moment, the only videos that can be posted on the site are youtube...however I made a board in the discussion where you can post non youtube videos. Im considering also adding a section for non age tf videos. Only if its demanded for.

 As you can see, Ive added a section where you can add videos of other kid of tf and a new name.

Right now, the site isnt much but hopefully one day it will be become huge.